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In this article, you are going to know about the ES file explorer. Manage your phone’s file, and view photo, video, music, pdf easily by this free android file explorer. I think every smartphone user needs a file explorer (file manager), this is one of the best file explorers for Android, and iOS devices. If you don’t know about it, after reading this full article you will be able to know all about it. And already if you have known about it, also you will be able to know more information and a new feature about it. so let’s get started. 

ES file explorer apk free download and features

What is ES file explorer?

ES file explorer is one of the free easy file explorer (file manager) for mobile devices. It’s one of the best and simple tools for mobiles device. It will let you manage your phone’s file with full-featured. You can view photo, video, file, music, movie, documents, etc. you can manage your file as you want like manage file, cut/copy/paste, delete, create, search, rename, send, share, hide, create short curt also bookmark. As well as you will be able to hide your secret file by the ES file explorer (file manager). Also, it has so many interesting features including support 15+ languages. After all, this is one of the great free file manager apps now at that time. 

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How to use and set up the ES file explorer? 

The popular file explorer is an easy and simple app for mobiles device. It uses too easy anyone can use the app easily. There is no herd thing is this app. If you want to use the app, just you need to install it. After installing this app, it will setup automatically. Now you can manage your files. View photos, music, video, document, and control all things. Also, there is a search bar on the top, you can search your file to fine. As well as you can hide your file. Don’t know how to hide a file? Let me describe. Open the ES file explorer and select a file that you want to hide. Then tap to hold on the file. There will be seen a hide option corner of the right-side on top, click on. It will be hidden. 

EX file explorer features: 

There are lots of features in this app all features are free for all users. And day by is being added new features in this app. So let’s see some of the key features of this app. 

  • You can manage file and folder as well as application manager 
  •  Hide the secret folder
  • Remote file access plus space analyzer
  • You will be able to file transfer and explorer
  •  Download manager
  •  Available Root, FTP, 7zip, FTPS, Zip, Rar, DLNA/UPnP explorer
  •  Disk Map – you can see which files consume most space on your disk
  •  USB OTG
  • You can play music, video, show photos, documents, etc. 
  •  Also, you can manage files from a PC web browser.
  •  now Share – send files by email, Bluetooth, or whatever the device supports, from any location
  •  easy to use. 

File name and android require for ES file explorer:  

Now that time we all people use a smartphone. Those who have an android phone or tablet need a file manager. There are so many file managers available for android devices. But some of the people use an old version of android phone that’s why sometimes they are confused that, which file explorer will support all of the android version old or latest. So we should know ES file explorer android require, it will be support on your device or not. The 7.7 MB ES file explore minimum android require 4.2 and more. I hope your phone android version more than 4.1, from 4.2 android version you can use the file manager on your android phone. 

ES file explorer for iPhone/ iOS: 


We know that also iPhone users need a file manager for their phones. Now that time a lot of iPhone users available and lots of file explorers available for iPhone. The ES file explores such an app that supported both device android and iPhone. So as an iPhone user you can use the ES file explore like android users. millions of iPhone users like the ES file manager like android users. This app is available on the app store for iPhone, you can download it from there. 

ES file explorer for windows 

Are you looking for the ES file explorer for windows? If your answer yes than the part of the article for you. Now come to the point, you should know is the app available for windows or not. Unluckily the app is not available for windows version it’s only available for android and iPhone. But as a Windows user, if you want to use it, you can choose another way. 

That is an emulator, yes you can use the app on your windows by using an android emulator. There are so many android emulators available for windows. Among them, BlueStick and NOX are battered. Download one android emulator and then download the ES file Explorer from Google play store. 

How to download the ES file explorer for android? 


Well, it’s very to download the ES file explorer on Android. The ES fileexplorer app is available on hundreds of online websites. But theeasiest and safe place is Google play store. The app is available on theGoogle play store. you can download it from there. Let’s know how todownload a file from the Google play store. 

  • open Google play store
  • There is a search bar on the top, click on and type ES file explorer then search.
  • You will find the app just hit on the install button
  • It will be downloaded and install
  •  Finish

Conclusion: ES file explorer is one of the known file managers for a mobile device. If you didn’t use it before, you can try it. There are so many unique features available in this app then another file manager. Let me what’s your opinion about this app. If you have any questions about it, let me know by a comment below. Thanks for stay with us

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