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The popular online company google has been providing us some of the services for so many years. One of the best useable browser services is google chrome.  Though most of the people use the chrome, a lot of people don’t know actually what is google chrome and how it is work, how to use it even what benefit give us the browser.

 Whatever now we are going to know all of the information about google chrome. Step by step we will know all things about it. So, to know all known and unknown features and information, just continue. 

 What is google chrome:  

google chrome is an open-source browser program that helps to open and run a web world wide web (web browser) made by google. First, it was launched in 2008 for Microsoft, but after some years right now this web browser available on all of the devices like android, IOS, Linux, macOS. google chrome browser is an operating system for the web.

It essentially helps users reach the request to the server. It has so many basic features including tabbed browsing, automatic translation, web peg spell check. On the other hand, it has a search bar and called the Omni box. Browse the google and another site by google chrome to save your time. Because this is a faster web browsing app

Google chrome online download

 How to use google chrome? 

Are you filling boring using browsing by your website? Don’t worry now the chrome browser in an app. You can use this app like another regular app.  As the chrome browser is a free site you can use it free on your useable device. Open the google chrome app and add a lot of sites to browsing.  Every time you need to use different types of websites. There are so many web browsers now this time.

 But you should use a browser that can help you to save your time or data. chrome is such a browsing app that can help you to save your time or data. The free web browser works first on all of the devices. 

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  Key features of google chrome: 

  • Save data and save time
  •  Sync Chrome Across Device
  •  Fast downloads and view web pages and videos.
  • Protect your phone with Google Safe Browsing
  •  All your favorite content, one tap away
  • Smart personalized recommendations

 How to download google chrome:  


likely, about all of the devices, have the google chrome app. As this is very first and well browser, about all mobile/laptop/ company gives the google chrome on their product about to install.  If your phone doesn’t have a google chrome browser app, you need to install this app to use. 

 Are you thinking of how to install google chrome? Don’t worry, follow the guide to get chrome on your device. 

  • Open an internet browser on your android device and search by google chrome
  • And go to the official website There is a download option click there
  • When complete download open and click on run Even follow the prompts to install
  • then it’s ready to use

 If you already have this app on your device, you can update this app. The chrome provides its update version regularly. You can update this app from google play store and google chrome official website.

 Voice scarce:

 One of the smart features is google voice scarce. This voice scarce is available on chrome browser. if you won’t search for anything without typing, you can use the google voice to find the result. Search anything by voice scarce by your language anytime, anywhere. Google chrome voice feature free for all users.

First download and view: 

Google Chrome has a dedicated download option. So you can download video, picture, audio, file everything just one tab by a few times. Also, you will be able to access your file when you have offline. Protect your phone by google safe browsing. Chrome has a google safe browsing system, that can help your device to safe from any dangerous file and website. 

 Google chrome for iPhone: 


Though when first lunch the google chrome it was for windows, butright now this easy web browser available all devices including iPhone.The app launched on the apple store on 26 June 2012. So if you are an iPhone user you will be able to use this google chromeeasily like android and windows. Use the google chrome get more first browsing service. 

 Google chrome for android: 

Download now

If you are an android user, this part of the article for you.  The chrome bate version for android was launched on 7 February 2012 on google play store. Now, this app is available about all android devices.

Final word!!

We have tried to understand you about the google chrome easily. Google Chrome has a lot of information. So it’s not possible to provide all the information by one article. If you have any question and if want to know any specific topic about google chrome, please let me know by comment. We will try to provide a quick response. 

And let me know, how was this article. Your one comments our inspiration. Since we are collect this information from an online different website, so if you find any mistake I hope that you will see it a pardonable eye. Thanks.

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