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Now that time lots of video chat and messaging services available for android, iPhone, and pc. The Imo is such a type of free video calling app that will let your free video, audio call as well as an instant message to all of your contacts. The Imo is a very popular free video chatting service in the world available for all of the devices. It’s very interesting and users’ favorite free video chatting service for so many unique features. The app allows to create video and audio chat as well as a text message and send photos, video, and stickers. 

Imo Apk free download and features

What is Imo? 

Imo is a simple free video calling app to connect with friends and family from anywhere. The free video calling social app helps you to contact your friends by video and audio call as well as you can text messages, photos, stickers, videos also many more like messenger app. a group of people can connect by Imo groups call. By the Imo app, you can make a clear video call with high-quality sound to home and abroad. It’s supported in 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi all kinds of network. Even lots of features available in the simple app. 

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How to set up and use Imo? 

Imo simple video calling app is very easy to set up and use. You can use it very easily without any kind of problem. If you want to use it and going to install it for the first time, you need to set up first. Are you thinking of how to set up Imo app with your phone number? Just follow the easy step. 

  • At first, you need to install and open the app
  • Then you need to provide the phone number like you use android give the number of this phone. 
  • After providing a number you need to verify the number. The Imo team will provide a verification code on your phone number. Just enter the code and verify it. 
  • Now time to provide your name. Set your name as well as you can set a profile picture if you want you can provide it later. 
  • Now it’s ready you can unlimited call and messing anytime anywhere. 

Cool features for Imo app: 

Imo is one of the best free HD video calling services for all devices. You make a clear video call by the app. After all the app provides us some different and extra facilities that make it more attractive. 

  • Make audio and video call: you can make audio and video booths call with HD quality video and clear sound system. It works well in any network. So if you use a low-speed network you can use it without any problem. 
  • Send an unlimited message, photo, video, emoji: the app allows you to send first messengering service as well as you can send videos, photos, stickers, documents, etc. 
  • Video and photo sharing: Now a day ad story sharing features are a popular feature. The app will let you share photos and videos on the app like the messenger. 
  • Create an Imo group: you can create an Imo group with up to 10000 friends and family members. It’s the best way to connect with lots of people at the same time as the meeting. 
  • Privacy system: The app will protect all of the privacy. It’s very trusted by all of the users. 
  • Imo is not only available android it also available windows mc etc.  
  • Save data: the app will save your extra date. You can use the app with fewer data. 

Imo app for windows: 


You know that the free video calling app is most popular for mobile devices. Also, the app is available on pc. But now the question is how to download and set up the app on pc. Well, I’m telling the easiest guide step by step. First, you need to download the Imo app from Imo official website. Then install

Now time to set up it. As the app needs to set up my sim card number. But we can’t use numbers in pc. So how can setup? Relax it’s very easy

  • First open Imo app then you need to put your phone number
  • Just provide your mobile phone number which number you use on your phone. 
  • Then you will have to send a secret verification code on your mobile number.
  • Just you need to copy the code from your phone and put it on verification option on your pc.
  • Now time is set your name beside you can set a profile picture now or later. 
  • That’s finish

Imo Apk for iPhone:  


The most popular video chatting app is available on iPhone. Think about all imo lovers the app has been released for iPhone. So if you want to use the Apk and you have just iPhone, you can use the app with the all facilities. And download facility also very easy the app is available on the app store. just go to the app store and download it. Also, we have given the download link for your easy understand just click on the download option and get it. 

How to download Imo Apk for android? 

Download now

I think all people know that the app is legal and safe for the device so that the app is available on google play store. So any Android user can download the app from google play store. But some people don’t know how to download also face some problems during download. First of all, we want to ensure your safety and saving time. For that reason, we are giving here a download link. Just click on and download it by a couple of seconds. 

Final word!! 

For so many years the Imo is the most favorite video calling app. For so many reasons people like the app among them, its features are best the provide some extra features and update day by day. It’s going to the top free video calling service. So enjoy the app and stay with us to know all updates about the Imo app. thanks for stay with us. 

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