Shareit apk for android, PC, iPhone,mac

File transfer is a very common matter for smartphones or PC users. But how people transfer this file? There are so many ways. SHAREit is one of them. Speedy transferring files, videos, photos application is very rare. SHAREit makes this path very easy and speedy. When you need to get or give something to another phone or computer you can use the app. Although there were so many apps introduced for file transfer service. But now SHAREit leads to this service. Share it also included some interesting feature that makes it more attractive and popular.

Shareit apk download for android, pc, iphone

What is share it:

 Basically SHAREit is a file transferring service. You can share your video, photos, and files to your friend’s phone, tablet, or computer. When you need you can also take all from other people. SHAREit works based on a direct wireless connection. This app is very speedy like when you transfer a file through USB or pen drive by computer.

A short history of SHAREit: 

SHAREit Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company that was established in April 2015. The founder and CEO of this application are Michael Qiu. SHAREit application can be used on Android devices, iOS, windows phones, or personal computers. This app available in almost 39+ languages and most popularly English, Hindi, Indonesian, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic.

How to download the SHAREit application:

Download shareit apk

 It is a very easy way to download the SHAREit application. By using data on your device you can download the app any time. If you have an android smartphone you can download the app from the google play store easily. Besides you are an i-phone user no problem share it is also an apple version application that you can use. To download the apps

  • Just go to the google play store on your device by conforming data on phone.
  • You need to search the app name and then you can find out the SHAREit app.
  • Now install the app.
  • After installing you scroll the app page and set a picture. The picture you can get from the app and if you want you can set your picture.
  • Enjoy the sending and receiving process with other interesting features.

How to use SHAREit:

It is a very easy way to use SHAREit on your device

  • First, go to the application.
  • Connect the devices to the same Wi-Fi network and open the share it app on both devices.
  • If you want to send a file tap on the SEND icon and select the file that you want to send. Tap on Ok and next to proceed
  • If you want to receive any file just tap on the receive icon. Which file you receive that show on your device screen.

The basic feature of SHAREit:

 Here you can get some about some features.

  • Fastest file transferring app in the world: There is so many file transfer app you can found. Share it the fastest all of them. Share it can transfer file 20M per second. So when sharing any file without feeling bored you can receive or send videos, photos, doc in a very short time.
  • Transfer any type of file: You can share any type of file like
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Photos
  • Documents file
  • Presentation/ Slide
  • Excel file
  • Application
  • Windows-related software
  • Discover and listening to trending music: If you install the SHAREit app you can find trending music and listening interface.
  • Store of GIFs, Wallpapers & Stickers by which you can get more updated and beautiful GIFs and wallpaper.
  • Media player: SHAREit acts as a media player now. They included beautiful audio songs, HD quality videos. When you go to the apps for sharing you can download the videos and audios. After downloading it you can enjoy offline.
  • Phone QR scanning to quickly and conveniently transfer the file from one device to another.
  • No Wi-Fi or mobile data charges need to manage the application.
  • Back up photo for phones to pc sharing.
  • No code or storage device slows down the file-sharing process.
  • You can remotely connect to your PC to view your files and folders by using it.

Besides all these SHAREit also try to introduce a more updated feature that we can enjoy in the future time.

File information of SHAREit:

SHAREit developed by SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd

Released date: Apr 28, 2013.

Updated on: Feb 1, 2019.

Version: 4.6.88_ww

Downloads: 5,00,000,000+ downloads

User Rating: 8/10

License: Free

Download file: 26M

Language: 20+ and popularly English, Chinese, Czech, Spanish, Arabic, Korean,

Finnish, Russian, Italian, Greek, German, French, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Japanese,


OS: Android 3.0 to all versions.

SHAREit iOS version file information:

Download now

Version: 3.0.18

Average rating: 8/10

The minimum operating system requires iOS 9.0.

Compatible with:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch

Share its apps for mac:

 SHAREit also makes all the opportunities for Mac users. From here if you want to receive a file tell your friend to scan the Qr code that appears on your device. Once scanned, a kind of chat will be opened on your device and your friends to transfer the file.

SHAREit for windows computer: 

Connect with a device like a desktop computer, laptops computer, smartphone, tablets. No internet, data cables, on Bluetooth required just create a Wi-Fi hotspot. Then you can transfer files and receive files on your computer.

 Share is such a kind of app that makes a miracle on file transferring. You can find any android device that does not use the application. Because it is the easiest and first way to transfer files from one device to another. Day by day the apps try to include more feature that makes it most popular. If you are an android or apple user just download the app and enjoy the updated feature. Than you.

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