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Snapchat is s worldwide popular social media app to connect and communicate with friends and family available on android and iPhone. Share your favorite moment by a short video by taking a quick snap. As to create multimedia messaging with your friends and invite new people to add. Now that time it’s one of the best stander social media apps that use millions of people regularly and all adult personas also available here. It’s just like an open free mind social media site.

 So if you are a beginner let’s know how to use and download the app step by step guide and details features about it. As well as you have known about it, I think the article will more helpful to know more details on the app. 

Snapchat apk download and using tutorial


What is Snapchat? 

I hope you all already know about the app because it’s very trending social media now at that time. Anyways yet I’m trying to tell you about it with some simple word. It’s a free social app to connect people it will let you provide snap and text messaging. Snap means you can take your current phone and video and send to your Snapchat friends and share your video and picture on your day. Chat, it will let you to unlimited free chatting with friends and family. This is the main feature, for that reason it had been taken its name Snapchat. Besides, it has so many features and facilities just continue to know.     

How to use Snapchat app? 

Before using the app, you need a Snapchat account for that reason to have to set up the app. Now time to know how to sign up. At first, you need to download and install it from google play and another’s an online platform. 

  • Open the app and hit on the signup button
  • Now provide your first and last name then click on sign up and accept. 
  • It’s time to enter your birthday and continue 
  • As well as you need to create a user name. the Snapchat will suggest your available user name (pick such a user name, for that reason you won’t regret after. because you won’t change it later without creating a new account) 
  • Continue and set an 8 digit strong password and then provide email and verified you are a human and provide your phone number
  • Then wait for a few second to get a verification code on your number then enter the code and verified
  • It’s ready now you need to add friends, you can get friends from your contact as well as invite new people. 

How to add friends on your  Snapchat account? 

Well, if you want to add more friends on Snapchat those who don’t available on your contact this part especially for you. Here we are providing three easy processes to add more new friends. 

  • Add by Snapcode:
  •  you can add by Snapcode, if you want to add by code you need to take a photo of your friends Snapcode. 
  • Open Snapchat and click on Ghost icon left side of the top screen then click add friends 
  • Now tap on Snapcode to open your camera and tap the image on the code, it will scan the photo and add friend. 
  • Add nearby: 

Are you in a new place, party, conference, and any event? Are  you want to connect with others, new peoples? Well, you can add multiple people by nearby options. 

  • At first, open Snapchat and click on the ghost icon left corner on top.
  • Click add friend
  • Then nearby
  • Hit on the ok button to allow Snapchat to show your username to nearby all users. 
  • You need to allow location if it’s didn’t allow 
  • Now it will scan for another user who wants to add a nearby screen option. Now choose from the list
  • Then click on the + sign next to the usernames of the friends those who you want to add your friend list.
  • Add by user name: 

You can add friends by user name if you know that user name. if you ready to add by user name, follow the step.

  • Open the app and go to ghost icon 
  • Click on ad friends and then click on the user name
  • Now you need to enter your friend’s user name and click on + add button beside the user name. 

Basic Features for the Snapchat app: 

  • Unlimited text message
  • Make video and audio call
  • Give instant snap
  • Chatting first in all network 
  • Share your memories 
  • Add video and photo on your day
  • Add friends and invite friends 
  • Follow friends and watch friends and other stories. 
  • Snap map
  • Share your location
  • You can Personalize your Snapcode with the Bitmoji
  • Creative tools 
  • Caption, timer, sticker emoji, etc. 
  • Get international all friends
  • Get all adult person
  • Even so many cool features available. 

How to download Snapchat app on android?


Experience a new way to share photos and videos and chat with friends and family by the most popular social app. Download the free social app on your android phone. Now we are going to talk about the Snaptube Apk download proses. You can download the latest version of Apk from google play store. Even here we have provided a download link here. Just you need to click on and install it by a moment. Even the app available on its official website


We use different types of social media apps on an android device. Snapchat is an international social media app for android iPhone also you can use the app on pc. Here are some key features for you also have some unique features and it’s updating day by day. We will provide all new updates about the app by our site. If you like the post share this with your friends and family. As well as you can get more ideas and important information about the different android app from our site. Thanks.  

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