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Today topic is YouTube Go, which is another version of YouTube. It’s made especially for them those who use slow internet connection like 2G, 3G. Because the original YouTube works well within high-speed internet. Otherwise, it doesn’t work well. Anyways now you are going to know about all of the information about YouTube Go. Let’s continue without wasting time. 

YouTube Go download and review

 What is YouTube Go: 

YouTube Go is an official mobile version video hosting app, made for slow internet connection and loss of expensive mobile users. This YouTube Go app just like the original app. It allows you to watch videos, songs, movies, TV shows, comedy, fashion, cooking, how-to, and more others just like YouTube. As well as it will give you download features. you will be download two quality videos on your phone or SD card. Besides, it has a share option that allows sharing the video to your friends and other social media. It’s main and impassive feature Is it will control and save your data. On the other hand, it will provide you lots of unique features freely. Just continue to know more about it. 

A short history of YouTube Go: 

The YouTube team went to India for visiting and want to know Indian people how to like to use YouTube. They could know it is a very famous app in India to watch the video, hollowed, Tollywood movie. But they also can know that there are so problematic to use the app some of the places. One of the biggest problems is it doesn’t work well in a slow network like 2G.

So that they have decided they will have made another version of the YouTube app for the next generation. This app will allow using well within low-speed internet connection and low RAM of phone. So that those users can use YouTube easily anytime anywhere within low-speed internet without any loading. Funnily they have made the app. The app name is YouTube Go, it is YouTube’s official app. It specially for Indian and Asian people.

 How to use YouTube Go? 

It’s a very interesting question. Yes, you should know how to use the app. If you don’t know how to use the YouTube Go app, you will clear about is, after reading the part of the article. Now come to the point.

 1. It’s used very easy just like the original YouTube app. Just you need an internet connection, first or slow it doesn’t matter because it works well within slow internet. 

2. Open the app, you will go the home page

3. You will be seen lots of popular videos, watch and download

4. As well as you can search video by the search bar

5. You will be able to add your Gmail account to see your subscriber’s channels video. Add a Gmail and create a playlist get notification, download and share the video. 

6. There is nothing any heard thing all just like original YouTube. 

 Are you thinking is YouTube Go Android app?

  Yes, this YouTube Go is an android app. The YouTube Go is officially available for android. If you are an android phone and tablet user, this YouTube Go only for you. this app will save your data and it will never late to hang your phone. 

 Some of the features of YouTube Go Apk:

  • Watch and download the video within low internet
  •  Save your data
  • Share video
  •  Watch unlimited video freely
  •  Create a playlist
  • Add Gmail
  •  Subscribe, like, comment and get notification
  • Create your channel
  • Download low and standard quality video
  • Available lots of songs, videos, TV shows, funny videos also huge collection. 
  •  Preview your video 
  • Control data use
  •  Available download video on SD card
  •  All features are free 

 How to download the YouTube Go on android? 

Download now

 Now time to know how to download the YouTube Go. Are you thinking it is hard to download? If you think so, you are wrong. Because this downloading process Is very simple on android. Follow the simple step to download this YouTube Go on your android.  This YouTube Go official android app is available on YouTube Go official website. You can download the app from there. 

  • Open a browser on your phone which you prefer.
  • Then go to the search bar and type “YouTube Go official website’’ Search
  • Then open the site, there is an option “get the app’’ on the top of the right side. 
  • Click on, then it will take you to go to the download link
  • Click on the download link and install
  • Finish

It’s very easy to get this app. I hope you have got clear about it. Now you may download it easily. yet at the time of download this app, if you face any problem. You can let me know us. You can hope will try to respond to you as soon as possible. 

Is YouTube Go legal?  

Yes, YouTube Go is a legal app. It has been made by YouTube. It is anofficial YouTube app. You can use it without any worry.

  Is the app safe for your device? 

Yes, the app is safe for your device. There is no harmful thing. Also, the app will take care of your privacy. As well as if you use low RAM of the phone, your phone won’t hang for using this app. All that is a very good app and safe for your device. 


 Use the official YouTube Go app and save your data. If you don’t use Wi-Fi, use a slow network like 2G,3G the YouTube Go especially for you. watch YouTube videos without loading anywhere anytime within a slow internet connection. Here we have tried to provide all of the information about YouTube Go. if you didn’t find clear about any topic, let me know. And if you have any questions about the YouTube Go, let me know by a comment below. Thanks


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